Cheap pony beads in wholesale pony beads packages. Plastic pony bead colors include transparent, opaque, glitter, glow in the dark and pearlized colors. Use pony beads to make bracelets, necklaces, and other jewelry, accessories and craft projects. Barrel shape pony beads are very easy to use to make cuffs and rave kandi. Use stretch magic jewelry cord to string bracelets and necklaces and make rave kandi cuffs.
Rave Kandi Pony Bead Kits contain a variety of plastic pony beads use to make rave kandi. Pony beads colors will include over 100 different colors including opaque pony beads, transparent pony beads, glitter pony beads, pearlized pony beads, neon color pony beads, and glow in the dark pony beads.

We have fabulous colors of cheap pony beads, plastic alphabet beads, number beads, stretch string and other supplies for making rave kandi, pony beads bracelets, necklaces, key chains and more. Make your own unique and creative rave kandi with plastic pony beads. Add plastic alphabet beads and number beads to your creations for more personalization and custom designed rave kandi.

Pony Beads are made of plastic and the size is 6x9mm. The holes in pony beads are about 4mm, so many types of string can be used.

To make rave kandi bracelets, rave kandi cuffs, rave kandi necklaces, or name bracelets, all you need are pony beads, alphabet beads and stretch cord. Simply string on the beads and knot. You can also use stretch cord to string and weave the pony beads and alphabet beads to make cuff bracelets.

If you make a lot of rave kandi, we have cheap pony beads in larger packages of 1500 beads in wholesale pony bead packs. Use pony beads to make colorful bracelets, necklaces, cuffs, anklets and other fun stuff! We have over 100 different colors of plastic pony beads so all your rave kandi will be colorful and unique. We also offer fun kandi kits in different themes and pony bead color combinations such as bright neon pony bead kits which features neon shades of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple pony beads. We also have glow in the dark bead kits with 7 colors of glow in the dark pony beads.





over 100 COLORS!!!
Color pony beads to make fun and unique rave kandi. Choose from wholesale pony bead packs or fun kandi kits.


colorful pony beads wholesale

Kandi kits are sets of pony beads in different color combinations & themes. They are full of color and variety. Some kits contain novelty shapes depending on the theme. Our most popular kandi kits include Glow in the Dark pony bead kit, Bright Neon pony bead kit and our Rainbow Deluxe pony bead kit. We also have Halloween kits, Christmas color kits and other themes. Click here to see all our fabulous Kandi Kits of pony beads.


Pony beads are great for making all types of jewelry and crafts. They come in many colors so you can get creative and make bracelets, cuffs, necklaces, key chains, pony bead banners and other crafts and projects. Rave Kandi Essentials include cheap pony beads and other fun shape beads. Pony beads are the most important, plus, you can get them in tons of different colors. Stretch Magic stretch cord is another basic supply you will need to create rave kandi. The most popular thickness is 0.7mm, however other types are popular too, depending on personal preference and the type of project. All are great to weaving through pony beads several times. To add a unique, decorative touch to your bracelets, cuffs and accessories, use beads of different shapes, like star beads, heart beads, butterfly beads, animal beads and skull beads.


Kandi Krave Beads specializes in beads and supplies for creating fun and color rave kandi including bracelets, necklaces, cuffs, anklets and other types of jewelry and accessories. We ship adorable shape beads and pony beads to creative kandi kids all over the U.S. We offer over 100 colors of pony beads - this means you can create tons of different color combinations and make unique and colorful pieces of rave kandi. We also offer stretch cord and other types of stringing materials. KANDI KITS - these are kits made up of different color combinations of pony beads. Kandi kits help you create a collection of color coordinated pony beads. In addition to Kandi Kits, you can also buy pony beads separately in specific colors. We offer wholesale pony beads in bulk packs of 1500 beads. We also offer alphabet beads number beads to help you personalized your rave kandi and gifts.